Yulin PV plugs in "charging treasure" for people to get rid of poverty


2022-09-16 09:34

Located in the northern part of Shaanxi Province, Yulin has jurisdiction over 2 districts, 1 city, 9 counties, and 8 national poverty-stricken counties. The seven counties and districts are all counties in the Lvliang Mountain area, including Suide, Mizhi, Jiaxian, Wubao, Qingjian, Zizhou and Hengshan. There are 660 impoverished villages in the Lvliang Mountain area, accounting for 71.2% of the total number of impoverished villages in the city; there are 192,200 impoverished people, accounting for 83.9% of the city's impoverished population, and the poverty incidence rate is 13.4%. 1 impoverished villages were listed and Dingbian and Hengshan counties were removed.

Faced with the annual task, as a city that leads the province in economy, how is the progress of poverty alleviation in Yulin City? What problems do you encounter? Any ideas? On December 4, the reporter of this newspaper interviewed Ma Xiulan, the deputy mayor of Yulin City, following the "Industry Poverty Alleviation Visit to the Mayor" interview group.

Talk about the status quo

Take industrial poverty alleviation as an important task

On the morning of December 4th, it was cold and windy in northern Shaanxi at the end of the year, but in the villages of Yulin's mountains and valleys, there was an upsurge in poverty alleviation.

Walking into Yaowan Village, Wangjiabian Town, Jiaxian County, the open space that used to be overgrown with weeds disappeared, and I saw blue photovoltaic panels dazzling under the sunlight. Photovoltaic power has brought real change to this remote village.

Today, the shiny "blue boards" of photovoltaic power generation have become the "gold pots" for poor farmers to get rich. In the words of Li Fuji, a poor household in Yaowan Village, his income can be increased by "basking in the sun".

Ma Xiulan said that the Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to poverty alleviation and proposed to make poverty alleviation a top priority and task. It is proposed to take the overall situation of poverty alleviation, develop the regional economy, and take poverty alleviation as the starting point to completely reverse the problem of cadres' work style. Take industrial poverty alleviation as an important task.

Talk about measures

Build a model of "Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Interest Community"

How does rural poverty alleviation work? How can poor farmers increase their income? How does Yulin City promote the restructuring and transformation of agricultural industries in poverty-stricken counties and villages, and improve the mechanism for linking the interests of poverty alleviation industries with "three changes" reforms such as "industry development" and "photovoltaic power generation" and other "industry+" measures, so that more poverty-stricken households What about sharing the value-added benefits of the agricultural industry chain and value chain?

Ma Xiulan said that we should focus on the "three changes" reform and promote demonstration and leadership. Advanced models of "three changes" have emerged, such as Zhaojiamao in Yuyang District, Majigou in Jingbian, Gaogangao in Hengshan, and Zhaojiagua in Suide. According to the requirements of the province, the city will seize 100 demonstration sites, and start 1,000 villages at the county level in 2018, and gradually realize the "three changes" reform to cover all villages in the city.

Second, focus on industrial development and expand revenue-increasing channels. Highlight the industrial development of the Lvliang Mountain area, consolidate red dates as the industrial development of counties and urban areas, vigorously develop the mountain apple industry, Chinese medicinal materials and other characteristic modern agriculture, actively implement photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, carry out photovoltaic poverty alleviation pilot projects in 150 poor villages, and vigorously promote "energy People + base + farmers", company (cooperative) + base + farmers and other industrialized development models, support new business entities to help poverty alleviation, and encourage farmers to take the lead in poverty alleviation through rewards and subsidies. The city has launched 152 village-level demonstration power stations with a total scale of about 30,000 kilowatts, covering 149 impoverished villages and benefiting 6,710 impoverished households. According to the requirements, all projects will be completed and put into use before the end of the year.

Ma Xiulan added that in the specific work, Yulin City unifies the interests of the government, enterprises, poverty-stricken villages, and poor households by building a "photovoltaic poverty alleviation interest community" model of the government, enterprises, impoverished villages and impoverished households, and implements the unified construction of photovoltaic power plants. , unified management, unified settlement operation management. The municipal, county and township finances contribute 50%, and the municipal state-owned enterprises contribute the remaining 50% of the project funds; poor villages, through collective land leasing, coordinate and ensure the construction environment, supervise the smooth implementation of projects, form a village collective economy, and increase village collective income ; Poor households are the ultimate beneficiaries of photovoltaic poverty alleviation.